Powerful data analysis from
inside your favorite application

Statconn projects and programs provide the software infrastructure for application integration and have enabled powerful data analysis and visualization functionality in many rather diverse applications.

Our components and applications for seamless integration allow to embed statistics software from the R project and data analysis and computation services from Scilab into applications on Microsoft Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Application connectors for MS Office (RExcel and SWord) and OpenOffice.org (ROOo) provide integration solutions for users and application builders.
We have a video demonstration of what can be accomplished with RExcel.

The background technology is available as a set of components for all platforms to easily build custom applications based on the powerful data analysis and graphics toolboxes from R and Scilab. We support a wide range of different languages (e.g., VBA, VB, C#, C++, Python, Java) and different technology platforms (COM/DCOM, .NET, Uno, C, Web Services SOAP/http) to build and integrate solutions.

All these products are available free of charge for single user non-commercial use for download (from our site only).

Please study the accompanying license files carefully to find out restrictions on using the products free of charge. For alternative licenses, see http://www.statconn.com/.

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