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Due to a policy change on CRAN RAndFriends has been withdrawn. CRAN is not hosting some of the components of our software any more. RAndFriends depended on these componetes to be available on CRAN. Therefore, to use our tools, R has to be installed manually. Our Wiki has < a href=">instructions how R needs to be installed to work with our tools.


The current version is RExcel 3.2.15. The Home and Student version and the Educational version work only with 32bit versions of Excel (which can be installed on 64bit versions of Windows). The Excel versions supported are 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

RExcel 3.2.15 (and later versions) require R 2.15.0 (or later).

You will have to install

Download RExcel 3.2.15


Detailed instructions for installing can be found in our Wiki

SWord Noncommercial Use

This package contains SWord 1.0-1B1

You will have to install

Download SWord 1.0-1B1 Noncommercial



statconn.NET is not yet available. We provide an early version of the documentation for download as a ZIPped CHM file

statconnDCOM Home&Student

This package contains the Home&Student version of statconnDCOM3.6-0B1.

You will have to install

Download statconnDCOM3.6-0B1_Noncommercial



This package contains statconnWS0.8-0B8Beta for Windows

You will have to install

This beta/test version expires 13-04-01. It will stop working then

Download statconnWS 0.8-0B8Beta

You will need a password for installation. Please ask Thomas for it. You will get access for evaluation purposes.


ROOo is an extension. The current version (0.751) works on Mac OSX (10.5 or higher), Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7), and Linux x86 (32bit as well as 64bit). To run ROOo you need Uninstall any previous version of ROOo by removing the componentes ROOo.oxt, StatConnector.oxt, ROOoMacro.oxt, RInterface.oxt from the extension manager (Tools -> Extension manager, select the component and press Remove). Restart after removing the old extensions. To install the current version of ROOo, simply open the extension manager of (Tools -> Extension manager), press Add and select the file ROOo.oxt. When the installation has been completed sucessfully, verify the ROOo options (Options -> ROOo -> Path Settings). Depending on the operating system, several properties are available:
  1. Mac OSX: Verify the directories configured for R-Home and Proxy. Modify these settings if required. You may also choose between the 32bit and the 64bit version of R.
  2. Windows: No options available. R-Home is determined by reading the Windows registry. Currently only the 32bit version of R is supported by ROOo.
  3. Linux: Verify the directories configured for R-Home and Proxy. Modify these settings if required. 64bit Linux requires 64bit versions of and R, hence the 64bit option cannot be changed for the Linux version of ROOo.

This package contains ROOo 20090112-1 Beta.

You will have to install

Download ROOo.oxt

Scilab within Excel

An Excel workbook demonstrating how to use Scilab directly from within Excel.
Requires statconnDCOM. The statconnDCOM documentation explains how to install the components needed to access Scilab through statconnDCOM.

Download ScilabTest.xls

Creating and Deploying an Application with (R)Excel and R

This is the example code for the article Creating and Deploying an Application with (R)Excel and R: Recursive Partitioning and Regression Trees.
Requires statconnDCOM and RExcel.

Examples for the book "R Through Excel"

The book "R through Excel" by Richard Heiberger and Erich Neuwirth uses example Excel workbooks. A Windows installer program for these workbooks can be downloaded from this page.

Download RthoughExcelWorkbooksInstaller_1.2-10.exe